Semuc Champey + Tikal + Bangkok

Happy New Year! Before we left Guatemala in (late November), we had the chance to go to Semuc Champey, Livingston, and Tikal. It was insanely touristy and so different sleeping in hotels and going out to eat rather than sleeping with our host families and cooking with them. We saw the sunrise at Tikal and had to wake up at 2:30AM.. Somehow I was in a cheerful mood and helped everyone find the bus in the morning haha! At Semuc Champey we went on a hike to see the pools from above and then went swimming. My favorite part of the week was our boat ride to Livingston:) Before our two days of travel to Bangkok we stayed in Guatemala City for one night and so we made it to El Pinche one last time.... Our group arrived in Thailand after two days of travel and we stayed in Bangkok for four nights. We got to attend a boxing class, explore, and go to the resting Buddah Temple (I was sick so I stayed back)...My camera eventually broke in Bangkok and hasn't been working so I don't have photos in Thailand for the first month but I was able to get a new camera in Chiang Mai :)

The overhead view of Semuc Champey

Gabi and I 

In the pools of Semuc Champey

Jen and I before the sunset at Yaxha
Julia, our gorgeous PL

Nishtah, my Guatemala roomate :)

Star Wars Episode 4 anyone???

Sunrise at Tikal

Tess and Claire

Gabi, Caroline, and I

Jaguar Temple

Exhaustion after the 2:00AM wake up

Tess and I with our nachos at El Pinche 


Muay Thai boxing in Bangkok

That's all for now,
Clare Irene McKenna


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