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Ghana (Ho, the Volta Region)

I love Ghana. I loved the daily walks home from seminar in the afternoon heat. I loved when my host mother, Esther, made fried plantains and the fact that no other plantain can ever satisfy my craving for her's. I loved getting my very own dress made by our host brother's mom. Everything from picking out the fabric to picking out how I wanted it to look. For one of the first times, I actually loved going to church. I can still remember the boy a few aisles in front of my family and oh how he danced. A few of my favorite memories from Ghana: Giving Ghana my all. Doing not only my required seminar readings but the optional ones as well. Being present with our work site at the clinic and trying my best with our home stay. Vacencia, a nurse at the clinic who answered all of our questions regarding culture in Ghana, healthcare, and more. Patrick, the clinic director who welcomed us with open arms. Missing seltzer water so much that I forced two of my friends to

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