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Thailand (Khlong Chinda, Kun Sathan + Nan+ Chiang Mai)

Our stay in Thailand was over the span of two months. During this time we stayed in 2 communities. One was about 40 minutes outside of Bangkok, Khlong Chinda. We stayed in Khlong Chinda for about two weeks and our worksite was at a secondary school. My worksite partner, Andrew and I shadowed our teacher and watched her teach English classes and helped out with pronunciation. On the weekends another Thinking Beyond Border student host family adopted us for the most part. My roommate, Emma and I didn't have the best homestay experience and we often felt neglected so we joined Ben and Lucas's family. We were taught to never say no to anything the locals wanted us to do and often found ourselves in the back of pick up trucks going to nearby temples, manmade mountains, and trips to the "supermarket" AKA 7/11. For Thanksgiving, we all went out to Sizzler's (yes, you read that right) for a very abnormal dinner of sliders and salad... 
After our time in Khlong Chinda, w…

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