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A Year Later

Hey everyone! It's crazy to think that it's been a year since I got back into the states. Since then, I've decided to take yet another gap year. I've moved into my very own studio apartment in downtown Tacoma, I work at Trader Joe's, I do photography on the side, and of course on most days "I'm living the dream."

"What was your favorite part" or "What was your favorite meal" are the two most common questions I'd get when I first came home (and to be honest, I got those same questions last week). No one ever asks "What was the most difficult part of your trip?" If you know me well enough, you already know the story and if you don't, consider reading the rest of this post, it's lengthy I'm aware.

 If I told you how many times I have tried to piece this blog post together, you probably wouldn't believe me. I've logged onto this site on numerous times redrafting and trying to compose my thoughts about …

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